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    I think you have raised an issue that fringes on the right to justice, guaranteed under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990.

    Have you contacted some human-rights lawyers in New Zealand, if there is any?
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    Very difficult when you have no money and have been refused legal aid. I quoted that section in my complaint against the judge, but to no avail. Believe me, we have tried every avenue, except maybe a contract or the brass verdict. JUSTICE IS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO CAN AFFORD IT!!

    We have stopped fretting over the situation, getting on with our new life and enjoying the freedom that distance brings us. We are just making sure that if we are to get nothing from the sale of our house, then they will get exactly the same. Zip, zilch, zero, nada. Then watch the lying scumbag lawyer try and collect his fees from her, because you can be sure he will still want his pound of flesh.
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    New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990

    27 Right to justice
    (1) Every person has the right to the observance of the principles of natural justice by any tribunal or other public authority which has the power to make a determination in respect of that person's rights, obligations, or interests protected or recognised by law.

    If this law is broken, as stated in this case, what should be done?

    How difficult is it to file a notice of appeal in the High Court against the decision of the Family Court?
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    Is it possible for us to say that the current dispute resolution system (using the adversarial litigation) is unsuitable for family-related disputes?

    If so, what should be done?

    It appears that fact-finding process (discovery) in New Zealand court is defective or non-existent.

    I am not sure why judges in New Zealand do not care about facts nor law.

    Are lawyers and judges doing injustice in this case?

    If that were the case, what are the motives - MONEY?

    Is there any evidence of extortion?

    Then, the matter must be handled by the Police.
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    An update on our situation. We did a runner!!! Yes, we did a runner. A short synopsis to recap. We had lost a rather nasty court battle, involving our ex-daughter-in-law who knew she would get nothing out of our son, so she targeted us. With the complicity of a lawyer who lied in court documents, (we have proof), her lying her head off in the witness box and a dodgy judge who couldn’t take his eyes off her boobs and totally ignored ALL of our documented evidence, she got all she asked for and more. We made complaints to the relevant judiciary bodies but the old boy network closed ranks on us and dismissed them. As a result we ended up with a judgement against us for nearly $70,000. The bailiff took our 4WD and trailer and we had tried to sell our house but nothing is moving on the Coast, so we stopped paying the mortgage, rates and insurance and walked away. Now it is a battle between the court and the bank as to who controls the sale. So long as the house brings enough to pay the bank is all we care about. We are going to get nothing for all our years of working and striving to own our own home so we are making sure that the conniving toxic bitch and her lying lawyer miss out too. Once the bank issued a Property Law Notice, which was copied to them, they raced into Court and got an Order for Sale, an auction scheduled for the Wednesday before Christmas. Then he had to reschedule as the date failed to comply with the law. The rescheduled date was the last Friday before Christmas. We refused entry to the property and no-one turned up to the auction. FGS, who buys a house 3 days before Christmas???? It is back in the bank's hands and we await the outcome. If they end up getting nothing (hopefully) and he comes chasing us we will just declare bankrupt. No skin off our nose as they cannot do any more harm to us than they have already done. AND WE COULDN’T CARE LESS NOW. We don’t have the risk of running into any of the other parties in the street thereby saving me from a court appearance on an assault charge. It was like living under the sword of Damocles and affecting our health both mentally and physically and the relief of being away is immense We are settled in a town 500 km away in a lovely rental, the weather is much better and the locals are nice.
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    After about 3 weeks of nothing, I resent my request quoting the time limits in the Act. Finally yesterday they arrived. Wetherall had taken his clients word for the vehicles we had and as usual, she was wrong. The vehicles taken by the bailiff have no resemblance whatsoever to the vehicles in Wetherall's application. Once again he LIED to the court. Serves him right for believing anything that scummy toxic bitch says without checking up on her assertions. On his application he specified a Nissan Mistral (we have NEVER owned one of these), a blue truck valued at $10,000, a caravan and a 1970 Falcon valued at $10,000. We had a blue truck many years ago and sold it for $2,500, a old caravan which was also sold several years ago and a 1967 Falcon which sold for $5,000, over 12 years ago. By his own incompetence and stupidity in believing her, he has once again committed perjury. He has already been cautioned by the Law Society for lying in court documents and he did it again!!!! What a wan***er.
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    Well I went into the Greymouth Court today and asked for copies of the Application filed by Peter Wetherall for the distress warrant, a copy of the warrant itself and a copy of any results regarding said warrant. I was told in no uncertain terms that I was not entitled to them but I could put it in writing and a judge would decide if I could have them. I am afraid I lost my cool and stalked out, saying Yeah right, we won't get it with that f***king lying lawyer". The registrar shot out the door and threatened to trespass me from the Court, I just snarled at her to more or less do that. I have since emailed a request under The Official Information Act so it will be interesting to see if they comply.
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    It all boils down to the fact that we now have no money and no access to money, so we cannot appeal anything!! All I can do is wait till he files for a writ of sale and then stand up in Court and say I dispute the whole bloody lot as the lawyer lied in court documents and that the judge also lied, in fact he did a "Justice Binnie" creating his own set of facts. I have documents to prove this. If they toss me inside for contempt, well too bad, at least I will have a roof over my head and three square.
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    The bailiffs turned up again with the police for the fourth time and brought with them a commercial contractor who loaded our 4x4 vehicle and trailer onto his truck and took them away. They will be held for 5 working days and if we can't come up with the thousands of dollars demanded, they will be sent to auction. Bye bye ute and trailer. I hope your new owner appreciates you as much as we did.
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    Copy of my complaint against Judge N A Walsh.

    Complaint About a Judge

    To: The Judicial Conduct Commissioner

    We, DC (2nd Respondents)
    (Your full name)

    of (Your address)

    wish to complain about the conduct of

    Judge N A WALSH
    (Judge’s name)

    of the
    Family Court
    (Name Court)

    My complaint is as follows:
    Here set out the nature or substance of your complaint:


    In a judgment dated 12 February 2013 Judge Walsh makes an order for traveling costs where no traveling costs had been applied for. He also made an order for costs where court records showed that the applicant had NOT attended court on those dates.

    Details of complaint:
    Describe the circumstances and judicial conduct that have led to your complaint – see Guideline Note 5:

    Judge Walsh states:

    [18] The applicant has claimed travelling costs of $284 as disbursements…..

    [19] The applicant has not given any reason why counsel was required to travel. Having said that, some travel will be inevitable in more sparsely populated areas of the country such as the West Coast…… I see no reason not to allow travel as a disbursement in this case.

    Firstly, the Application for Costs by Counsel filed in court and dated 18 September 2012, DOES NOT contain either an application nor a disbursement for travel, so where Judge Walsh gets this figure from I have no idea.

    [21] The applicant has claimed costs for “Registrar’s Reviews and/or Judicial Conferences” on several dates when the registry has no record of the applicant having attended court. I am not sure that the applicant should be able to claim costs of a “Registrar’s Review”, not being an event in the schedule……..In my view, the overall time claimed is very low for a series of court appearances. I have decided to therefore award the costs claimed despite the date anomaly.

    It is out and out fraud to claim costs for dates where it can be proved by court records that Mr Wetherall did not attend court on those dates, and to not only allow it, but also condone it because other costs seem low is a fraud committed by Judge N A Walsh.


    Date 24 May 2013
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    We had the bailiffs here this morning looking for anything of value. Hubby refused to answer when questioned about firearms, so bailiffs left and then armed police turned up on our doorstep!!. Lots to keep the neighbours talking! There was a mistake on their paperwork, but our vehicle is clamped in our driveway in the meantime. Oh happy days.
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    I am in the process of filing a complaint against Judge N A Walsh for fraud committed in his judgment and see at the bottom of the form it says
    "12 The Act states that it is not a function of the Commissioner to call into question the legality or correctness of any instruction, direction, order, judgment, or other decision of a judge in any legal proceedings. Those matters fall outside the jurisdiction of the Commissioner."
    So does this mean that I can't complain about the fraudulent behaviour of Judge Walsh as it is not illegal in a judgment????
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    Good Luck.
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    Good luck!
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    We are just going to sit it out and see what the lawyer for the other side is planning. At the moment, our sole asset is our house and the only way he could access that is to apply to have us bankrupted. But then the OA has control of the debt and there is no guarantee that he will order the house sold. In the economic climate here at the moment, only a few houses selling now and then, there is very little chance of the house selling and after 3 years we would come out of the bankruptcy, the debt would be extinguished and no way could he renew the debt. BUT at the moment, the local court appears to have made a monumental f***up which is working in our favour. We are not going to let the court know we suspect anything in the meantime as it is working in our favour.
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    Someone needs to step in.
    Have you contacted a local newspaper to run an article on your plight?

    New Zealand basically supports Kangaloo trials and Kangaloo assessment on things. So, things can get wrong easily. When things go wrong, the entire system works to suppress the wrongful acts and oppresses those who seek justice.

    It is preferable for someone outside New Zealand to review the Kangaloo cases, but this option is no longer available.

    The problem is so fundamental that no one talks about it in New Zealand.
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    We can't afford a lawyer to appeal and legal aid was turned down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Corrigenda
    We tried to appeal, but no money so no justice.
    Is it that you couldn't afford a lawyer???
    Did you go for Legal Aid??
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    I do not believe there is any law against naming a judge in any legal matter. He is doing his job or at least pretending to.......
    Certain aspects of proceedings cant be made public if there is an order in place but the judges name, ive never heard of a case where you couldn't...
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    Who should be blamed?
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