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  1. Serious complaint filed against judges for criminally assisting to hide evidence


    Today, a serious complaint has been filed into the Officer of the Judicial Conduct Commissioner against Court of Appeal justices Wild, French and Randerson and Supreme Court justices William Young, Glazebrook and Ellen France.

    If you wish to obtain a copy of the complaint simply email your request to:

    The complaint brings the Commissioner's attention to the aforementioned justices forming a criminal alliance ...

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  2. Wild, french and randerson ensure their legal plebs are protected

    Good old John Wild, who is the Hitler of the Court of Appeal, ensured today that Ms French J and Mr Randerson J handed down a decision that ensured John Wild was protected from being accused of aiding and abetting the unlawful suppression of evidence.

    Oh Mr John Wild, there is an old English saying and that is "Oh what a wicked web we weave when we set out to deceive"
  3. Court of appeal now aware barrister has been hiding evidence


    Court of Appeal, on 05 October 2016 via minutes, accepted evidence (a substantial number of bank statements) had not been discovered by clients of Barrister Peter Wright.

    The 05 October 2016 COA minutes requested the applicants to explain why the contents of the undisclosed bank statements were relevant to their claim.

    The appellants, given their application requested the COA to disbar Counsel Wright ...

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  4. Court of appeal consider fraud committed by two barristers' and high ranking police

    On the 12 September 2016 Court of Appeal Justices were met with undeniable evidence (NOT CHALLENGED) and oral submissions that two barristers and a high ranking police officer had been obtaining fraudulent favorable judgement

    The three justices have reserved their decision.

    When the judgement is delivered, it will be posted on this forum.
  5. Have you won at the nz law society or legal complaints review officers (services)

    Does anyone know of someone who has won against a lawyer, barrister or the like at the New Zealand Law Society or the Legal Complaints Review Office (services).

    I have two decisions of my own when I won against a Papakura Barrister named Warren Simpson BUT IF YOU THINK HIS NAME WAS PUBLISHED VIA THE DECISIONS SO THE GENERAL PUBLIC COULD KNOW WHO HE WAS, THINK AGAIN.

    The Law Society keeps secret the names of those lawyers found against.

    The Law Society, ...

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