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    If you have complained about a judge's conduct to the Judicial Conduct Commissioner and your complaint was dismissed, we want to hear from you.

    At present there are submissions being prepared to go to the International United Nations Human Rights Civil and Political Committee regarding the appalling record of 3005 complaints (100%) filed against judges since 2005 to date (14 years) NOT ONCE resulting in a judge being formally disciplined let alone a judge being made accountable for ...
  2. Nz justice 111 on youtube exposing ongoing corruption in nz

    Videos released by NZ JUSTICE 111 so far are:

    The NZ Law Society and what they don't want you to know (5 videos released);

    The names of who corrupt NZ and what they don't want you to know (13 videos released so far);

    Exposing Legal Nitwits (3 videos released so far).

    Despite hackers consistently attempting to take the channel down, it's still going strong and now has over 11,500 views with the channel also gaining a loyal following. ...
  3. Ministers of nz governement cowardly ignoring criminal conduct of nz judges

    Email if you wish to be provided with documents which confirm NZ Ministry members are ensuring they save themselves and their incomes by NOT challenging NZ judges who are consistently using criminal conduct (deliberate lies) to arrive at judgments against innocent members of the NZ public.

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  4. NZ Office of judicial conduct commissioner dismisses 100% of complaints

    Over an 11 year period (from when the office of the Judicial Conduct Commissioner first commenced operating on 01 August 2005) up to 2016, the office of the JJC received 2331 complaints against New Zealand Judge.

    100% of the complaints have been dismissed.

    Anyone wishing to do further research regarding the aforementioned can go to the website address for the JJC's office

    The above website has a link to take you to the annual reports ...

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  5. Serious complaint filed against judges for criminally assisting to hide evidence


    Today, a serious complaint has been filed into the Officer of the Judicial Conduct Commissioner against Court of Appeal justices Wild, French and Randerson and Supreme Court justices William Young, Glazebrook and Ellen France.

    If you wish to obtain a copy of the complaint simply email your request to:

    The complaint brings the Commissioner's attention to the aforementioned justices forming a criminal alliance ...

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