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Sir Richard

  1. Saxmere was not the typical court cover up

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    What is noteworthy about the Justice Bill Wilson conflict episode is the Supreme Court "fixed" the first Saxmere recall in the customary fashion: they claimed Wilson's relationship with counsel was something that it was not. The ONLY reason the second recall was successful is because of the unprecedented public attention the second go around. If not for this outside factor, the Supreme Court would have claimed Saxmere counsel were nuts, Saxmere would have been F%&*@d and Wilson would
  2. Q: Vexatious or Oppressed Litigants

    It has been recently reported that 7 people in New Zealand have been declared vexatious litigants in New Zealand in the last 50 years and consequently had their rights to court access stripped.

    What has not been reported is that Attorney General Chris Finlayson is on a mission to apparently double this number in the next year. Jay Reid, Benjamin Easton, Vince Siemer and an unidentified Northland man are among the current targets by the AG. While they apparently are not the most ...