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  1. beefhooked's Avatar
    Sadly its been this way for the last 20 years, nothing has changed apart from the inclusion of title "Independent"
  2. 1victim's Avatar
    Not only do I support this call for Galbraith's resignation, but further call for the removal in it's entirety of the "Independent" police Coverup Authority. As we know, it is simply 100% corrupt.

    I nominate, as it's replacement, the New Zealand Police Corruption Association. I also support Government funding for this new and Independent Association.

  3. Yoda's Avatar
    Allan Galbraith should go. Try to find someone more reputable for the replacement.
  4. Yoda's Avatar
    Maybe, the better practice is to reveal the names of offenders, and let them explain their culpable conducts each time they go abroad or get jobs.
    Updated 11-03-2013 at 05:12 PM by Yoda
  5. Corrigenda's Avatar
    Why so many name suppressions? That must raise a red flag.
  6. Shannon's Avatar
    This cannot result in reliable information being given and we are seeing this time and time again......
    witnesses lying for some sort of gain