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  1. TURD of the Week!

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    This week its gota be the "grand turd of the week" award for National Minister for Education & list MP for Mana, Hekia Parata, for her muddled handling of the of the education fiasco,John Key's move to save a paltry $43m by increasing class sizes in our intermediate schools has completely backfired.

    It is a stuff-up of epic proportions - and all in the name of cost-cutting

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  2. Company fined for failing to prevent fall from height

    Roofing company Metind Limited (formerly Metalcraft Industries Limited) was fined $43,000 today (25 May 2012) and ordered to pay reparations of $10,000 after an employee was seriously injured after falling more than three metres from a roof.
  3. Kim Dotcom, the face of Megaupload

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    The U.S. government seems to be losing ground quickly in the PR war surrounding the case against Megaupload, the massive file-sharing site, and the company’s leader, Kim Dotcom.