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08-09-2013, 01:15 AM
NZ Police Corruption Association (NZPCA) is calling on members of the Criminal Bar
Association to stand up and be counted.

For years lawyers working in the criminal jurisdiction have been complaining long
and loud about the Independent Police Conduct Authority’s (IPCA) inability or
unwillingness to distance itself from police, resulting in numerous deficiencies in
their investigation process that inevitably leads them to side with police. Often
this occurs in defiance of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

NZPCA believes that the entire structure and “investigative” process followed by the
IPCA is flawed. The IPCA’s methodology and personnel is openly biased to favour

One need only look at the position the IPCA took when asked to investigate multiple
and systemic failures in the Teina Pora case. If ever there was a police
investigation that needed to be vigorously investigated it is this one. Its entire
history smacks of police corruption from enquiry head Rutherford down. Yet the
IPCA’s immediate response is refusal and their reasoning behind that is so unsound
as to be blatantly protective of police.

So where does the Criminal Bar Association (CBA) come in to this? It is all well
and good their members complaining about the IPCA’s overt bias toward police and
their numerous deficient investigations. NZPCA believes that the time has come for
CBA members to pool their collective skills and bring judicial review proceedings
against the IPCA.

After decades of police bias it is time to finally make the IPCA accountable and
lift the veil of secrecy under which they operate, a legacy that advantages only the
police and leaves hundreds of dissatisfied and frustrated complainants throughout
the country.

It is just as well that the IPCA’s performance is not independently audited for in
any other regime they would have long ago been brought in to line.

innocence project
08-09-2013, 02:46 AM
We have become aware of numerous cases where the Independent Police Conduct Authority has blatantly covered up corruption, commonly dismissing complaints of police misconduct after an "investigation" which fails to talk to any of the non-police witnesses.

When complainants complain about these IPCA investigations which failed to include talking to witnesses, the IPCA responds with a statement that completed investigations cannot be reopened.

Innocence Project recommends victims of police misconduct who are confronted with this evasive treatment by the IPCA get their witnesses to swear affidavits that they were never contacted by the IPCA as part of their investigation and use these to support a complaint against the IPCA investigative officer. Several dismissed investigations have been reopened using this tactic despite the IPCA position that completed investigations cannot be.

The IPCA still finds a way to cover up for the corrupt cop but proving their initial investigation to be a farce for not talking to witnesses has the effect of showing the IPCA stands for "Independent Police Cover-up Authority"