View Full Version : Bankcruptcy

21-08-2013, 12:20 PM
After filing a debtor petition for bankcruptcy found out that WarwicK Jones of www.sharkpatrol.co.nz and www.insolvency.co.nz is mocking anyone in NZ who filed for bankcruptcy by plastering names and addresses all over google searches incl via facebook web search,disgusting.
I knew we were on the Government Insolvency website but that kdoes not bring up your name all over google.
I found out recently about these two websites from a child. I was horrified when I was shown my name all over the internet. I have just moved and the old address is getting hampered of bankcruptcy notifications, great for the new owners.
On speaking to the Privacy Commission and Insolvency they both admitted it was low, but nothing could be done.
How about gutless Jones put his home address up for all to see and we take it from there and he can have a good nights sleep. Disgustingly low