View Full Version : lotto winner unlucky in court

25-12-2012, 10:51 AM
This is an incredible story which reveals at ounce that trust law and relationship law do not matter in New Zealand courts. Very dangerous rulings, particularly when you combine this with a failure generally of courts to hold trustees accountable. I hope Mr Rabson takes this to the Supreme Court.

27-12-2012, 10:07 AM
This sounds like the work of Judge Ulrich of the Family Court. The criteria for evidence in the Family Court is "the balance of probability" which means that if Ulrich thinks that you probably did it then she can simply make a finding that you did do it.

So for Mr Rabson, if she thought that the lotto ticket was probably purchased by a certain entity, then she can simply make a finding that it was and in this instance that feeling resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars for yes - mummy. Is any one surprised about that? No.Remember people surveyed believe that the New Zealand Family Court is gender biased towards the mother. The result is that our young men get out and go overseas and should do so before they get anyone pregnant.

If this Court wants to achieve any sort of credability amongst males, some simple things need to be done. They were not addressed under 9 years of Helen Clark - did we expect that - well no not with what appears to be her intersting maraige to Peter and public scuttlebutt re gender preferences.

Over 90 percent of those people surveyed believe the court is biased. Everyone knows someone who has been in the Family Court. There is a well known trickle down for any unhappy commercial or business dealing - one person tells 13 others of their experience. The 13 will tell 5 others.

Sons have mothers who may not have had contact with grandchildren or who must stand by and watch their sons battle through this crappy,expensive,biased, lengthy, predetermined, precooked and often engineered process. So many many fathers walk and give up, not on their children but on the Family Court and thus the children. Mothers of sons who go through this process see it for what it is too, so dissatisfaction is not restricted to men.

The arrogance and egos of those involved as officers or agents of the Court is in many cases a disgrace. The children pay a terrible price, the fathers and their families pay a dreadful price as do the rest of society.

Encourage ok fathers, assist them to become better parents and come down on piss poor mothers and those who seek to frustrate parenting arrangements - only then and over time will the NZ Family Court process have any credability.

Imagine if the mother of Mr Rabson's child had withdrawn the child from her school, friends, father and his family and shipped the child off to someplace, cutting access with the father (Mr Rabson) for no reason other than mummy doesn't like him any more. Imagine if this had happened and during this time Mr Rabson had to deal with the relationship property matters reported. He may have appeared preoccupied by this, even disrespectful towards good old Ulrich and the Family Court which might have bruised her ego thus making it easier for her to find "on the balance of probability" in mummies favour re the lotto ticket and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Had it been the other way around and Mr Rabson removed the child to some place without the mother knowing where would he be now - jail? The same place as mummy, no,no,no she will be busy spending her money allocated to her by Judge Ulrich based on "the balance of probability" as decided by Judge Ulrich of the NZ Family Court in this potential scenario.

Is this what actually happened?

No point asking Judge Ulrich or one of her associates in the High Court via an appeal process. What would they do?

Would they agree that Mr Rabson has been the victim of a gender basised ego driven process? A process which should send shivers down the back of every motivated male seeking to build assets and a better life for themselves and their families and send any business person running to set up shop in a different country? Yeah right.