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26-05-2012, 12:50 PM
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03-07-2012, 12:37 AM
Its your money-what is your parliament spending your money on today!

The decision by the National-led government (http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/mp/14108024/6-7million-dollar-treaty-move-makes-no-sense/)to spend nearly $7 million moving the original copy of the Treaty of Waitangi and other constitutionally significant documents from a purpose built room in Archives New Zealand makes no sense, says Labour's Deputy Leader Grant Robertson.

"The Treaty is our founding document and deserves to be housed as it is in a purpose built viewing room at Archives New Zealand, along with other important documents. The room was opened in the 1990s and has specially reinforced walls and glass.

"However the government has decided to move the documents to the National Library building. A briefing note for Internal Affairs Minister Chris Tremain obtained by Labour shows that it will cost nearly $7 million to fit out a new room at the National Library to house the documents.

"This just does not make sense. There is already a purpose built room. Even if it needs some upgrading that could be done at a fraction of the cost of creating a whole new space. The cost of the new space is nearly as much as the total savings from the merger of the National Library and Archives New Zealand into Internal Affairs over the next four years.

"The government has been telling New Zealanders that there have to be cutbacks across the board. They said there was not enough money for maintaining class sizes and improving teacher quality. Spending money on an unnecessary move like this shows the government has got its priorities wrong.

"It is important that New Zealanders can see the Treaty and other documents and that they are well looked after. That is already the case, and the government is spending money here for no good reason.
"It should rethink this decision and make any improvements necessary at Archives New Zealand rather than spend millions of dollars shifting these documents a few hundred metres," said Grant Robertson.