View Full Version : Fraud in New Zealand recognised as endemic

Sir Richard
30-09-2012, 10:35 AM
I found outgoing SFO boss Adam Feeley's comment this week enlightening. He said, "We do have a problem [with financial crime], it's endemic in every sector of business, it exists in the public sector, it's a transnational problem and it's not getting any smaller." We need more people to be so candid.

Ironically, it was a forgery case he took against a former SFO employee which is most noteworthy in Mr Feeley's three years at the helm.

Not that I am criticising him. Relative to his predecessors who covered up fraud committed by their mates, Adam would have to rate highly. But I had to laugh when I saw where he is going. He is taking up the Chief Executive post for Lake District Council, which will put him amongst a group of peers who are perhaps the most corrupt bunch in any sector.

We have all heard about the elected Councilors who cannot get expenditure information from council CEOs, the CEOs found to have committed fraud and the not uncommon council audits which reveal lost monies. Let's hope that Feeley can make an impact in stamping out fraud in these huge bureaucracies. But, if history is any guide, he is just as likely to be sucked into the status quo.

30-11-2012, 01:31 AM
Good info, thank you !