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03-08-2012, 12:59 PM
In 2009 I advised a Police SGT that an Officer under his command (a youth aid Officer) was giving out various parts of his Police Uniform as sex toys to his friends.

(A noteworthy point to make at this stage would be, I was having sex with the Police Sgt in question and had been in his uniform, I was even photographed in it.)

I then made reference to the same matter when requesting Police trespass the same Youth Aid Officer from my property because he was harassing me. He even arrived at my home after I had told Police in writing I didn’t want this Officer anywhere near me.
Police did nothing about his.

I then trespassed the Officer from my property in front of his Sgt, Police responded to this by sending the same Officer to my home!
- The law doesnt apply to Police it would seem?

No member of Police ever contacted me requesting details such as
How did I know the Officer was doing this….
What items was he giving out…
Who had the items …. Ect.
Police ignored this.

In December 2010 after many issues with both the above mentioned Officers, the Youth Aid Officer filed a burglary complaint and claimed his Police uniforms were stolen from his home while he and his family slept.
I was named as a suspect by this Officer and his Sgt, although I was never even questioned or charged, both Officers made this allegation extremely public. The Sgt even went to friend of mines home and asked him to provide Police with items belonging to me or my children for his investigation. I note that he went alone despite the conflict of interests and he did not create a job sheet or note book entry regarding this matter.

(I note I wrote to Police and offered to deliver items of mine and my children to a station that neither of the above worked from – Police ignored this and didn’t appear to want any such items from me)

In September 2011 my home was raided by Police in front of my 9 year old son. Police had a warrant to search my property for items stolen from the Youth Aid Officers home in 2010. Police had secured the warrant after seeing a photo of me in Police uniform on my facebook page (the photo was taken in 2009)

Police even searched my neighbor’s home on the same warrant. The neighbor and I shared a driveway!

Police found nothing but arrested me anyway. My 9 year old scared son was sent alone and on foot to a local women’s home while I was taken by Police to an out of town Police station.

During my arrest I was left in an interview room, where I banged on the door for long periods of time trying to get the attention of Police, this was ignored by Police. After giving up I finally used a cup as a toilet.

During this process, I reminded investigators that the Officer in question, being the alleged ” Victim” in this case was giving out parts of his uniform to his friends for sexual acts and that I had told Police in 2009. (maybe he had given out so many parts of his uniform, he had no uniform left? Just a theory! )

I then advised Investigators that I had had sexual relations with the Police Sgt of the same station and he could explain the photos of me in Police uniform.
I told Police the photos of me were taken prior to the alleged theft of any Police uniforms.
Needless to say I was "un-arrested" acording to the detective and let go.

Strangely both Officers have never faced ant enquiry and are still Police officers despite their sexual misconduct. One is in sole charge of a station. The other takes care of local Youth! Police have never questioned me about these matters.

I notified Police Commissioner Peter Marshall of this misconduct and Judith Collins, I think I even emailed John Key. …. Still waiting for one of them to investigate this serious sexual misconduct.

It is odd how a photo of me in a Police uniform can lead to raid of my home and an arrest but an officer giving out his uniform to friends for sexual acts and a Sgt who F**ks people in his uniform is totally fine! With the government!
It is also fine for Police to give a uniform to a singer who is taking the piss out of Police for his arrest (I refur to Tiki Taine)

Police are now trying to pretend this never happened. You would have to wonder why, wouldn’t you……

and Im the criminal??????

New Zealand Police exempt to the Law! their own code of conduct and legislation!

07-08-2012, 01:20 PM

The Bazley report dealt with this element of police culture- and your story made me think of Howard Broad & the chicken saga...

Police Commissioner Howard Broad (http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10439433)says he has the confidence of the Prime Minister and Minister of Police, despite admitting last night a bestiality sex film was screened in his home during a police party in the 1980s.

New Zealand's top police officer said he was willing to resign if necessary over the incident.

Only a month ago Mr Broad was forced to apologise for "the actions of the few officers who have let police and the public down" after the release of a damning report into police behaviour.

Dame Margaret Bazley's Commission of Inquiry uncovered what she claimed was disgraceful sexual conduct shielded by a wall of silence, and has since recommended changes to police disciplinary proceedures.

Yesterday Broad told the Herald on Sunday the matter of the bestiality film was one of "deep embarassment" - and admitted while no action was taken by police at the time over the "objectionable" film, similar actions today would most likely be met with an official inquiry, possibly leading to disciplinary action.

This afternoon Mr Broad said he was "living the transition from one era of policing to another".

Minister of Police Annette King issued a statement saying she was satisfied with Mr Broad's explanation and he retained the confidence of the Government.

Mr Broad said today he had briefed Ms King, "fully and frankly", yesterday when he first learned of the magazine article.

He said Ms King expressed her confidence in him yesterday and again this morning, after the allegations were printed in the Herald on Sunday.

"I also understand I have the confidence of the Prime Minister."

Mr Broad said he was one of the few people in the country who did not have an employment contract and whose role depended on the Prime Minister and Minister of Police having confidence in him.

"I look to them for any indication that has changed and it has not."

The existence of the film was uncovered by Investigate magazine, edited by journalist Ian Wishart. In its latest issue, out this week, Wishart details the content of the film in an article on police culture.

A source told the magazine there was a particular video being shown of a man copulating with a chicken. Other scenes featured a naked woman performing sex acts.

"I remember it very clearly because it's the only time I've ever had the misfortune to witness bestiality," said the source.

Mr Broad said the allegations had been drawn together in a "conspiratorial way" which seemed "quite incredible".

He told the Herald on Sunday yesterday the party, in the 1980s, was a police rugby fundraiser. He said he was in another room when the film was screened and was unhappy it had been played when he found out about it later that evening.

However, Mr Broad admitted no action was taken by police. He said he realised the impact of the revelation could be far reaching inside the force, and in the public arena. He believed it could have an impact on the police, and on himself personally.

"I'm acutely aware of the impact this might have on the police and what members of the public might think. This is a deep embarrassment. I have to say there will be police who look to see how I deal with an allegation of this manner," he said.

Police Minister Annette King refused to comment on matters raised by Investigate magazine and Prime Minister Helen Clark said Broad continued to hold the confidence of the Government.

Mr Broad addressed the potential impact of the incident, saying he was willing to resign if necessary.

"I hold office at the pleasure of the Government. I have spoken with the Minister. I have been free and frank with her. If that confidence is breached I would have no real option than to step aside. It's not the situation I see presently."

Mr Broad's admission is likely to bring renewed calls for a deeper inquiry into police conduct, with National saying it will further undermine public confidence in the police.

National Party police spokesman Chester Burrows said the incident had the potential to further affect public faith in the police.

"This is really unhelpful, in the wake of the Bazley report, in trying to reconstitute confidence in the New Zealand Police."

Mr Broad was forthright in describing the evening in question to the Herald on Sunday in yesterday's interview. He said he had been approached by the Dunedin police rugby club to hold a function at his home at 19 Arawa St in the city. He agreed, and the intent of the function was to have a party while showing rugby films.

"I remember standing at the door as people came in... In the lounge there was a projector set up and they played rugby films."

He said the films were coverage of Ranfurly Shield matches played during the 1960s and 1970s.

"Later on in the night someone played a pornographic film. It was reported to me. I didn't see it. Later on it was reported to me as a film of the type you are talking about. It was in my private house."

Mr Broad was adamant he was not in the lounge at the time the film was played and did not even see the rugby films played that evening.

"I was in the kitchen talking to people. When I found out about it I was annoyed and irritated but there wasn't anything I could do."

Broad said the playing of the film, and the response to it, was more a sign of the era.

"That's one of those things that happened back then. I suppose it represents what people back then thought was a funny thing to do. I was more concerned about who was coming in the front door."

Mr Broad said no action was subsequently taken by police over the screening of the tape.

"It wasn't raised with police adminstration at the time, which represents standards of the day."

He said pornography was "quite rare at the time" and it would have "generated interest".

"A certain amount of 'what's this all about' would have prevailed."

In his statement this afternoon Mr Broad added: "The fact that I didn't take any further action probably underscores the standards applying at that time. Twenty five years on it is obviously a source of embarrassment having regard to my current position and the context of police leadership today.

"If such behaviour occurred in 2007 I would expect the matter to be reported through to supervisors."

The Commissioner said that he had little to say about other allegations likely to be made in Investigate Magazine.

"Others know my true character and I should be judged by facts rather than innuendo."

Mr Broad said he had fully and frankly briefed the Minister of Police on the allegations against him and had also responded fully and in person to the newspaper who first raised the allegations.

"I feel I am experiencing something of the pain the organisation has to live with as we move to a new environment post the Commission of Inquiry's review," said Broad.

He told NZPA he always knew the role had an "immense character test attached" to it.

"I stand to be judged. If I am not a fit person to be Police Commissioner then so be it."

The Broad file

1974-1975: Howard Broad becomes a sworn police officer at just 19 years old. He spends 18 months as a beat cop before moving on to CIB work.

1997: Suggests to a think tank that "private police" be recruited to help out overworked police - an idea that causes an uproar.

1998: Appointed District Commander for Auckland Police. Overhauls strategic and tactical intelligence systems.

2003: Seconded to the Police Standards Unit in the UK Home Office; contributes to a major police reform project.

2004: Promoted to Assistant Commissioner: Planning, Development and Deployment, under Commissioner Rob Robinson.

April 4, 2006: Promoted to Commissioner of Police, with a five-year contract. Credit NZ Herald

07-08-2012, 03:54 PM
I followed that story. Shocking, well I can advise there has been no enquiry into the sexual conduct of either Officer I mentioned, If there has been, I havent been questioned!

Clearly giving Police issued items to friends as sex toys is acceptable Police practice these days as is, having sex with a women then attempting to have her charged for crimes you know she hasnt committed.

The IPCA is a Joke and so is the Police Professional Standards Office. They are there to protect the Police, not the public!