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Dato Palawan
27-06-2012, 01:32 PM
At last one of the Gendall decisions is the right one!

"A judge has ordered two young boys "wrongfully retained" by their Kiwi mother returned to Britain after she moved back to New Zealand with them.

In the High Court in Invercargill, Justice Warwick Gendall dismissed an appeal after an earlier Family Court hearing in Queenstown and upheld the judge's decision ordering two boys, aged 5 and 6, returned to England.

The parents were originally from New Zealand, moved to Britain in 2001 and married in 2002, but the marriage broke down and they divorced in 2010. After mediation they reached a a custody agreement in Britain but part of the agreement involved the mother travelling to New Zealand with the boys via South Africa.

They agreed shared custody of the children would be equal and the mother left in August 2010.

Within three weeks the mother told her ex-husband she would not be returning to Britain. The father did not agree to that and she indicated he could travel to New Zealand to collect the children.

On December 2, 2010, he emailed her: "Clearly very upset and angry that you have in effect abducted my children away from me."

The parents eventually agreed the children would stay in New Zealand until the youngest started school and the father understood the arrangement would last until November this year.

In May last year, the mother and boys left New Zealand for a holiday and she met the father in June. She told him she was not returning the children in November, or ever, and left to return to New Zealand with her sons.

The Hague Convention says children should not be removed from, or retained outside, their country of habitual residence without both parents' consent.

Court documents say the mother's case asserted the children were not wrongfully removed because they left after a mediation agreement and there was no intent to retain them in New Zealand.

Family Court Judge Stephen Coyle said it was not a case of wrongful removal but of wrongful retention.

Justice Gendall agreed with the Family Court, saying the father never consented to the boys remaining permanently in New Zealand after November this year.

"The evidence satisfies me that the father never acquiesced or agreed to the boys being retained in New Zealand after November 2012 or that he agreed to their departure to New Zealand on the basis that such retention would occur."

The removal of the children in June last year from Britain was wrongful under the terms of the Hague Convention and the father was entitled to costs."


10-07-2012, 10:15 PM
Sorry but I don't think its possible, is there another side to this story that is yet to be revealed?

In the interim, via the miracle of the internet (http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Gendall) and the uncyclopedia -; (reproduced here in case of huffing))

The term Gendall can be used for any number of organisms infecting the humanoid sub species of Judex Corruptus.

Poster from Gendall awareness week

First discovered in New Zealand, the Gendall itself is a symbiotic parasitic creature which evolved from the tape worm Echinoccoccus Granulosus. Dogs and Sheep were the orignial carriers of the worm which now carries a virus that replicates the dominant canine and even-toed ungulating (sheep) genes in the host. The virus was first identified in the Queen Gendall, commonly believed to be Helen Clark, although other queen specimens such as the now extinct Margaret Thatcher have been found internationally. When the Gendall is laid, it is in a pupaic form that must be ingested by a host, for this reason the Gendall parasite is usually found in organisms that feed from a trough.

An early 20th century sufferer whose bulbous nose & large top hat
are symptomatic of chronic Gendallitis

After ingestion, the Gendall's shell is broken down by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach, a long spindle of protein acids harbouring a small amount of GNA has the ability to instruct the Gendall cells in the wall of the stomach to neutralise the acid for long enough to allow the Gendall gene to infect the blood cells. After the gene has been successfully introduced to the blood in a viral form, the Ph of the stomach returns to normal but the host itself may become catatonic due to the release of vexatious free radicals

A Crown prosecutor getting Gendallized & by looks of it, happy in his work

The next stage of the process is for the Gendall virus to be carried around the body in the blood to instruct all the other genetic information in the other cells to produce the Gendall virus. Once this stage has been accomplished it is possible for the Gendalloid organs to form in the body with no chance of rejection by the host body. The host will rarely have any changes occur at this point, although a slight change in the pitch of voice can be detected and the neck and head may become covered with short curly hairs or wool.

The wool can clearly be seen sprouting on the head of this fuzzy pre wig associate Gendall


The next process is the most recognisable. The Gendall glans will start to form on the roof of the cranium. The Gendall glans is similar to the penis glans, or dogscock as it is commonly known. First a slit is formed on the tip of the skull, a primitive urethra forms alongside the jugular vein and continues along the cranial plain until it meets the prepuce. Once the urethra has met with the prepuce it is possible for the testis, bulbourethral glands and prostate glands to form inside the skull. These extra organs, although completely useless, take up 'brain space' and in turn make the host more stupid, at this point the gendalloid is fully formed on the skull.

Hi, my name is Warwick...I am Gendall,or am I? shit I don't know!
Full blown Gendallitis

As it begins to take nutrients from the host, it in turn provides the host with alcohol produced from the volatile fats the bacteria secreted within the Gendall itself. This is why the Gendall pigletts, or young hosts are often seen binge drinking, projectile vomiting and being generally annoying. As the host grows older, it calms down, but the annoying factor remains. The apearance of the Gendall means that the Gendalloid must send information to the hosts brain to purchase a wig, or other head covering so the Gendalloid may remain hidden from public view, if it becomes transparent , it shrivels up and dries out which is always fatal to the parasite.

A pack/herd/mob of Gendalls patting each other on the back.

Inbreeding and the diminishing gene pool

It is possible when the host is excited for ejaculate to emanate from the crown of the Gendalloid or the upper the upper lip area, often mistaken for drool, this ejaculate was once considered necessary for the reproduction of Gendalls but scholars now believe that Queen Helen Clark is in fact a virgin due to her grotesque appearance, thereby proving the alarming proposition that Gendalls can reproduce A-sexually.
A Gendall taking a post coital nap, with his Queen proudly showing off her new dentures.