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  1. Justice in the firing line
  2. Megaupload trial may never happen because of FBI S.N.A.F.U
  3. Serial media complainer wins High Court battle over $50 fine
  4. Colourful judge gets Facebooked
  5. Juror said before trial that Iti 'looked guilty'
  6. Scott Guy family prepare for murder trial
  7. Christie's family take bail petition to Parliament
  8. 58,000 sign 'Christie's law' bail petition
  9. Tamihere in court on parole breach
  10. Iti's Urewera appeal filed today
  11. Life-long sentence for victims' families
  12. Lindy Chamberlain's 'thanks' to Kiwi supporters
  13. Convicted murderer gets $84k in legal aid
  14. Reporter ejected for 'disco pants' at trial
  15. Rapist to be tracked in GPS scheme
  16. Bill would require judges to disclose financial interests
  17. Dotcom searches illegal: Judge
  18. Kirsty Cameron: Judge right to evict disco pants
  19. Dotcom victory 'embarrassing' for US
  20. Dotcom wins major victory
  21. Criminal Bar challenges New Zealand's Legal Aid policy
  22. Reporter ejected for 'disco pants' at trial
  23. Editorial: What not to wear at a murder trial
  24. Kirsty Cameron: Court right to evict disco pants from bench
  25. Herald on Sunday Editorial: Family Court not for revenge
  26. Herald on Sunday Editorial: Kowtowing police forgot rules
  27. Cartoon: Puppeteering the Dotcom case
  28. One in four crims breach order
  29. Locals to oppose removal of small town court sittings
  30. Cartoon: Pin a tail on the Crown Law donkey
  31. Dotcom: Joe Biden behind shutdown
  32. Dotcom illegal seizure hearing starts
  33. Dotcom extradition: 'Bedrock principles' at stake
  34. Dotcom: Hollywood bosses pressured White House
  35. Dotcom raid: Police affidavit needed
  36. Dotcom extradition: Bedrock principles at stake - lawyer
  37. Dotcom's 'hands tied behind his back' - lawyer
  38. Dotcom's 'hands tied behind back'
  39. FBI 'posed as clients of Dotcom site'
  40. 'Beast of Blenheim' at high risk of reoffending - psychologist
  41. 'Beast of Blenheim' denies writing abuse story
  42. Key sales pitch next for dotcom
  43. Gil Elliot: Guy trial shows 'imbalance' in justice system
  44. Hollywood bosses dismiss Dotcom claims
  45. Judge 'lacked courtesy' in clearing court
  46. Editorial: Our right to silence must be retained
  47. 'Beast of Blenheim' could be tracked by GPS
  48. No decision on 'Beast of Blenheim' parole conditions
  49. Dotcom offers deal as bills rocket
  50. Dotcom's sneak peek at new song
  51. Judicial Conduct Commissioner Insight
  52. Rapist's supervision order extended
  53. Rapist's supervision order extended
  54. 'Beast of Bleheim' sentenced to 10 years supervision
  55. Blenheim doesn't want the 'Beast' - mayor
  56. 'Beast of Blenheim' sentenced to 10 years supervision
  57. Herald on Sunday Editorial: Trials not popularity contests
  58. The right to silence looked at
  59. PM on violent prisoner: Sorry, I can't help
  60. Tapu Misa: Sympathy for the mother of the dead Kahui twins
  61. Ewen Macdonald back in court
  62. Judge lifts Ewen Macdonald suppression order
  63. Small abuse of bail system doesn't justify big change - Law Society
  64. Macdonald's actions 'a real shock'
  65. Small abuse of bail system doesn't justify big change - Law Society
  66. 'Reckless' policemen escape charges
  67. Murder while on bail - 23 cases
  68. Parole conditions expected for 'Beast'
  69. Tearful mum appeals to Govt to change bail laws
  70. 'Beast' to live in Wanganui
  71. 'Beast' to live in Wanganui
  72. Strictest parole conditions ever for 'Beast'
  73. Anguished families call for tighter bail laws
  74. 'Beast' to challenge strictest parole conditions ever
  75. Abortion cases not open for review, Supreme Court judges rule
  76. Serco's escape fines hit $300,000
  77. Herald on Sunday Editorial: The beast must go somewhere
  78. Cartoon: Stuck between a beast and a hard place
  79. Jim Hopkins: Soldiers serve countries, Assange only himself
  80. Family furious at killer's release
  81. Law Society: Strike Barry Hart off
  82. Sir Bob Jones: Put white collar crims in the stocks
  83. Junior lawyer says Hart owes her thousands
  84. Editorial: Wilson should be given chance by Wanganui
  85. Editorial: Judge leaves himself wide open to criticism
  86. Herald on Sunday Editorial: Master of the Universe rules road and court
  87. Peter Williams: Jail isolation breaks souls and minds
  88. Damien Grant: Horses for wrong courses
  89. Bain innocent and deserves payout, judge tells Cabinet
  90. Bain innocent and deserves payout, judge tells Cabinet
  91. City divided on compo for Bain
  92. City divided on compo for David Bain
  93. Challenge of Judicial Powers goes to NZ Supreme Court
  94. Fletcher signs $300m Wiri prison contract
  95. Barrister Barry Hart struck off
  96. Right to jury denied again in nz
  97. Three strikes law will fill our prisons
  98. Fatal flaws in our bail laws
  99. New bill could see serious offenders locked up indefinitely
  100. Private prison operator improves on dismal first year
  101. Dangerous ex-prisoners targeted
  102. Barry Hart to appeal against being struck off
  103. Construction begins on $300m prison
  104. Public-private prison to be 'culture shift'
  105. Review of court TV promised
  106. Collins rules out change to trials for child, sex victims
  107. Editorial: Criticism of TV in courts unfounded
  108. Hart seeks to keep working as lawyer
  109. Hart seeks to keep working as lawyer
  110. Hart launches fresh bid to save career
  111. Texas man executed after three reprieves
  112. Hart forbidden to act as lawyer during appeal process
  113. Prisoners will have to earn chance at parole
  114. Hart's car collection sold off
  115. Teen's drastic action
  116. $400k spent on Bain compo judge so far
  117. Call to close three-strikes loophole
  118. Hart fights to retain last properties
  119. Judicial Recusal Hits New Low
  120. Wiri prison contract may be reviewed by future Labour govt
  121. Courts in 'crisis' as trials delayed
  122. Judge in Marceau case would have 'questioned everything'
  123. Unpaid fines crackdown cuts backlog
  124. Youth detention in cells likely to 'increase reoffending'
  125. Judicial Conduct Commissioner
  126. Top judges speak out in defence of system
  127. Crusher Collins' eye on reform
  128. Judges respond to critics
  129. John Roughan: Justice mounts a high horse
  130. Matt McCarten: Deadly errors no problem for officials on pedestal
  131. Judge calls for family violence charge
  132. Catriona MacLennan: Time for inquiry on police actions
  133. Cops in gang case may be charged
  134. Hart edges closer to bankruptcy
  135. Sir Bob Jones: Bain case heel-dragging a disgrace
  136. Distressed woman calls for jury change
  137. MPs widen move for tougher bail laws to cover teens
  138. White collar penalties favouring offenders'
  139. Police break up baby selling ring
  140. Family gain inquest after private research
  141. Hello Sailor musician back in court
  142. Editorial: State needs option of civil cases
  143. Family gain inquest after private research
  144. Alleged road rage stabbing over in minutes
  145. Fraud accused points to officials
  146. Alleged conman's gang connection
  147. Convicted killer Tamihere back in court today
  148. SkyCity takeover plans detailed in fraud case
  149. Tamihere hearing delayed for six months
  150. Claims made of payments from casino
  151. Alleged conman's 'think big' conviction
  152. Lawyers: Heroes or villains?
  153. Paul Little: Errors deepen victims' pain
  154. Police lift game on abuse inquiries
  155. Deborah Coddington: NZ needs sex offenders' register
  156. Date set for alleged fraudster's fate
  157. Sportsmen convicted of roles in drugs plot
  158. DNA makes mark on crime
  159. Suspect's dark past revealed after woman found dead in house eight days after vanishi
  160. Killer convicted but groom resisting trial
  161. Suspect's dark past revealed after woman found dead
  162. Forbes Article an Embarassment
  163. Privatisation?...Just "what"... can be done about Serious Crime?
  164. Conman case: 'Bold frauds on a grand scale'
  165. Accused the victim: defence
  166. Schools do their bit to cut crime
  167. Conman case: Loizos Michaels guilty
  168. Convicted conman could be extradited
  169. President sets date for vote on constitution
  170. Body in vehicle likely to be car salesman
  171. Officers justified in over inmate's death
  172. Officers cleared over lethal restraint of inmate
  173. League tables advocated for nation's jails
  174. Brian Rudman: Don't let them banish the birds
  175. College allowed to resume student visa applications
  176. Woman stole from and killed lottery winner
  177. DSK quiet as maid's lawsuit settled
  178. Grandmother used forgery to get at cash
  179. Woman stole from, killed lottery winner
  180. Full text: Justice Ian Binnie's statement
  181. Complaint over lawyer's treatment
  182. Report recommending Bain compensation is 'flawed'
  183. David Fisher: Bain report shines spotlight on police mistakes
  184. Report recommending Bain compensation is 'flawed'
  185. Report recommending Bain compensation is 'flawed'
  186. Bain fight: public faith at stake
  187. Inmate's death: 'It's not good enough'
  188. Dunne: Bain should be compensated
  189. Minister aimed to discredit Binnie report: Karam
  190. This injustice almost as bad as the first one: Karam
  191. Bain breaks his silence
  192. Electronic ankle bracelets still best option, police say
  193. Bain: I wanted life in opera
  194. Joe Karam: This injustice almost as bad as the first one
  195. PM defends Collins' criticism of Bain report
  196. Swedes' murders: new suspect
  197. Cottrell trial: Family tell of agony after verdict
  198. New suspect in Swedes' murders
  199. Pay Bain, says Chamberlain lawyer
  200. 'Greedy' conman jailed for 8 years
  201. From TV shows to our courtrooms
  202. Suspect 'a bully who went mental'
  203. Judges cannot take any more chances: Callander
  204. Champions: conviction in innocence of the convicted
  205. Herald on Sunday editorial: Judge right on tougher line
  206. Prison smokes ban ruled unlawful
  207. lotto winner unlucky in court
  208. Court streamlining under way
  209. Child abuse fueled by poverty and lack of support - paediatrician
  210. Opinion: Why judge was wrong on Bain
  211. Herald on Sunday editorial: Speed of justice cranking up
  212. Rodney Hide: A pity foreign experts aren't as clever as us
  213. Colleague's log in used to track info
  214. CK Stead: Why judge was wrong on Bain
  215. Serial thief awaits sentencing
  216. Final release for ex-con
  217. Lawyers' googling of jurors to come under scrutiny
  218. Boy racers avoiding the big crush
  219. Help for wrongly convicted
  220. Subbie wins fight to get back its gear
  221. Hanover contesting AIG ruling
  222. Crowbar murderer denied parole
  223. Mark Lundy's backer remains confident
  224. Parole Board suggests laser tattoo removal for killer gang leader
  225. Barry Hart able to appeal bankruptcy after filing security bond
  226. Judge Venning ruled against my case!!!!! nz justice JOKE
  227. The royal commissioner's notebook: Diary of Crewe case 'judge'
  228. Crown proceeding with money laundering
  229. Super City voter scam trial shifted
  230. Great article on judicial lobbying effort
  231. Judges' work under lens
  232. Pilot clearly at fault, says judge
  233. $1b class lawsuit targets big banks
  234. Director delayed case for holiday: Crown
  235. Barry Hart's companies placed in voluntary liquidation
  236. Ruth Money: Harder line needed to prevent madness
  237. Fine for Auckland lawyer over affidavit
  238. Barry Hart back in court to stop mortgagee sale
  239. Changes aim to ease trial delays
  240. Crewe 'plant' cop dies
  241. How to represent yourself in court
  242. Hundreds turn out to farewell Bruce Hutton
  243. Advocacy group defies HRC ruling
  244. Winning the war on crime: A step ahead of criminals
  245. Sentencing principles
  246. You be the judge: What sentence would you give?
  247. Special report: Shake-up for judges
  248. Special report: Judging the judges
  249. Arrest over 9 year old's drug death
  250. Judges: We feel tragedies too