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Akshay Chand allegedly murdered 18 year-old Christie Marceau , who died in her mother's arms, in her Auckland home last November. He willl stand trial in October. At the time Chand was on bail on charges of kidnapping and assaulting her two months earlier.

He had been released by Judge David McNaughton to a property within 1km of the Marceau home, despite opposition from police. David McNaughton is also the same Judge who refused bail for Kim DotCom which put him behind bars, principally to prevent him from absconding or re-offending, indicating that internet piracy is seen by the New Zealand justice system as greater threat to law & order than assaults or kidnapping.

Furious at what they perceive as a failure of the justice system, the Merceau family joined with the Sensible Sentencing Trust to form the group "Christie's Law" with the goal of ensuring what happened to Christie does not happen again.

The group want tougher bail laws and stricter sanctions on judges. Their first step has been getting support for the changes and 58,000 signatures have been collected and were presented at Parliament. Members of the publice have been asked to make submissions to help change the Bail Act in whats been described as "Christies Law". There is also a facebook page to support the cause.Tags: failure, judges, justice, new zealand, nzjustice, petition, system